TuneIn Radio Show - Business Talk radio

BusinessTalkRadio. - I’m on the air weekly Wednesday 4:30 PM EST

Radio Talk Show TuneIn

I  will  be  Live on  TuneIn Radio  on the show  Business  Talk  Radio  out  of  New  York  on  a  weekly  basis, Wednesdays 4:30 PM EST. 

Here is the live link:


https://businesstalkradio1.com/studio-one/ and https://tunein.com/radio/Business-Talk-Radio-s297287/ 


The program starts 4/29 and runs thru June 22, 2020.  It airs for 30 minutes starting at 4:30 PM EST

8 Minute Intro to Therapeutic Village

Here is a short, 8 minute introduction to Therapeutic Village.  The host is Christopher Roberts.  This segment was well recieved and they wanted me to apear for more follow-up sessions.  You can listen to those shows below.

Effects of Isolation of COVID-19 on Families and People

In this 1st 30 Minute Discussion on Busines Talk Radio, I discuss the effects of the Shut-down for COVID-19 on people.

Couples Counseling - How we can Help

In this 30 Minute Discussion on Busines Talk Radio,  I explain how Marriage and Family Therapists work.  I go into details about Couples Counseling

Issues and how we can help with COVID-19 Crisis

In this 30 Minute Discussion on Busines Talk Radio,  I will explain some of the pro me we are dealing with such as ”the unknown”, “lack of structure”, Lonliness and Grief, Fears and concerns about children and teens.  I will  point you to ways to seek help.